* How was created Archiboutchou? *

Imagined and designed by an interior designer, aka me, Caroline Lafon!

This concept is not mere coincidence. I have been drawing plans for my clients for 8 years: houses, flats, lofts, furniture, frontages with elevations view to show to them the project.

An elevation is the drawing of a vertical projection of a building, of the walls of a room or of a piece of furniture. As if you were drawing a bookcase or a building frontage without perspectives, front view.

When I was designing elevations for my clients I was secretly thinking « One day I will print them for my own Archiboutchoux so they will color them and share an activity with their Mummy! » I could not wait and there we are : I designed a 24-page coloring book dedicated to the kids bedroom!

The first volume is aimed at developing the kids tastes, wishes and imagination.

If we meet success, other themes –yet a secret- will be edited!!!

This dream would not have seen the light without the priceless help of 64 Kiss Kiss Bankers:

Camille L., Maï, Léa, Seb, Camille B., Constance, Clem, Claire, Steph, Charly, Martial, Patouma, Sophie de M, Patricia, Gérard, Michel, Sylvie, Fanny G, Lulu SB, Christine, André, Solange, Kristell, Valentine, Sophie J, Fanny V, Anne-Sophie, Virginie SB, Colette, Anne, Françoise, Fafa, Sylvain, Alban, Yannick, Segolène, Axel et Anne, Marleen, Marina, Ines, Amélie, Franck, Tim, Isabelle A, Clio, Mathilde, Charlotte, Agnès, Jean-Charles, Anne-Claire et Emmanuel, Aurore, Juliette, Lulu MF, Alix, Nicole, Aline, Dorothée, Martine, Thierry, Caroline, Amandine, Virginie B, Isa, Emilie.